NLP Question and Answer System

I created a question and answer system that takes utlizes different NLP algorithms and ensemble methods. The system is able to take in a txt file (preferably wikipedia articles) and generate any specified amount of questions, and it is also able to generate answers to user-inputted questions based on the article.

Data Analysis into Gun Violence Incidents

I used R to explore a dataset involving gun violence incidents in the US, and then used R Shiny to create an interactive dashboard featuring the data analysis that was done. The code for the R Shiny app can be found here. The code linked also includes the code I wrote to generate the filtered data from the original data.

Machine Learning Challenge

This was a challenge I created for the startup Pralent, where I created code to clean raw data from the National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES), so that it can be directly used for machine learning.

Online Video Chat

I created an online video chatting platform that had a log in capability as well as the ability to leave and join the video call smoothly from any device (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.)

Instagram and Reddit Automatic Bots

I created this project to serve as a starting base for bots to do any sort of action on either Instgram or Reddit. The code is able to automatically log into either website, and do website specific actions after opening.

Personal Website

This is the code for this website you are viewing now! I used to create a personal page that holds info about myself.

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